Civil Law

Recodification work on the new Civil Code resulted in valid and effective act in our country. However it was not an easy task at all, on the contrary it was a priori rejected by a large group of public legal professionals. Above all it is an act that affects all of us. Also as the first republic civil lawyer prof. Sedláček declared „Provisions of the Civil Code accompany people throughout their whole lives“. Therefore there can be no doubt that exactly the main code of civil law should be tailored to support functioning of such society in which there will be few disputes. In reality, however, this is far from being the case, whereby the law itself somehow encourages academic polemics in many places. Naturally the legal certainty for ordinary individuals suffers from this. Whether you are going to enter any life situation or you run into legal difficulties, we will be happy to advise you on your case.
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Our team has specialists for both substantive and procedural civil law, who will analyse your problem and recommend the best solution. We offer help in solving of legal issues of children, marriages, divorces, reduction or settlement of community property in non-contentious as well as contentious proceedings.

We represent our clients in the area of neighbourhood relationships, usucapion, possession and easement. Further also in the area of law of succession such as drawing up of testaments, in succession disputes, in property settlements and instruments about disinheritance.

We solve legal issues regarding transfer of immovable and movable things (purchase, donation and barter contracts), we secure legal escrow deposits, contracts for work, contracts to transfer business shares, brokerage contracts, contracts on business representation, contracts to assign claims, lease and sublease contracts, enforcement of invalidity of contracts and withdrawal from contracts.

Sometimes life is not easy and brings many pitfalls. Whether you're dealing with issues in the area of credits, loans, bills of exchange or promissory notes in the capacity of a creditor or debtor, we offer a helping hand because we always protect interests of our clients.


  • ownership, divided co-ownership, community property

  • declaration of building owner on definition of housing units

  • security interests and easements usucapion

  • neighbourhood relationships

  • damages and unjust enrichment

  • recovery of claims by legal means

  • purchase, donation and barter contracts

  • contracts for work and other types of contracts

  • invalidity of contracts and withdrawal from contracts

  • gift return

  • loans: setting up, securing and recovery of loans

  • lease and sublease of structures and plots of land, flats and non-residential rooms

  • legal capacity

  • personal rights (protection of health and life, civil honour and human dignity)

  • solving of all disputes resulting from civil relationships

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