Broad Scope
We provide legal services to both natural persons and legal entities in all areas of law.
Professional assistance in problem solving provided by a team of professionals.
We guarantee prompt solution of your case.
You control your costs. You know in advance how much exactly you will pay.

We can help you with following

Civil Law
  • ownership, divided co-ownership, community property

  • loans – setting up, securing and recovery of loans

  • lease and sublease of structures and plots of land, flats and non-residential rooms

  • solving of all disputes resulting from civil relationships

Commercial Law
  • foundation and modification of business companies and cooperatives

  • transfers of business shares, stock and other types of securities

  • business obligations, enforcement of contractual obligations and recovery of claims of creditors

  • mergers and acquisitions

Criminal Law
  • criminal proceedings - representation in criminal proceedings based on a power of attorney

  • criminal complaint – qualified drafting of a criminal complaint

  • claiming damages in criminal proceedings

Family Law
  • drafting of applications for divorce

  • drawing up of agreements to settle mutual property situation of rights and duties resulting from common living and spouses' duties to maintain for the period of time after divorce

  • representation in divorce proceedings

  • drafting of applications in cases of judicial custody for minors

  • drawing up of agreements to regulate contact with and situation of minors

  • representation in guardianship cases in proceedings before courts

Administrative Law
  • building law

  • administrative infraction proceedings

  • trade licence law

  • healthcare law

  • alien and asylum law

Labour Law
  • drafting of employment contracts, agreements to perform work

  • assessment of issues regarding termination of employment, claims to severance pay

  • claims arising from work accidents

Law of Municipalities and Regions
  • consultancy for municipalities and regions in the exercise of own and delegated competence

  • consultancy and support in conducting of administrative proceedings

  • drafting of contracts and legal analyses or revisions thereof

  • representation in court proceedings

Sports Law
  • representation of sportsmen, sportswomen and sports organizations in negotiations and entering into contracts

  • representation of sportsmen, sportswomen and sports organizations in negotiations and entering into contracts with sponsors, insurance companies etc.

  • representation of sportsmen, sportswomen and sports organizations in arbitration and court proceedings

Successful Cases
In the area of legal representation, consultancy and preparation of contracts we have solved 2500+ successful cases to the satisfaction of our clients.
Years In Our Profession
We have been active in our profession already since 2004 and thanks to it we have gained a lot of experience.

Dostál & partners

Renowned law firm in Chomutov with a team of experts with general practice and specialists in various legal fields. We are not afraid of any case, we perceive that every problem has its solution.

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