Family Law

Family law is a natural part of our everyday life. However, what sets it apart from other branches of law, are issues that are quite specific and often also very sensitive, whereby every family dispute entails a considerable psychological burden in addition to legal matters. And therefore it is necessary that these cases are processed by a lawyer, who is not only a professional in his field but also who has a sufficient degree of empathy to find the most appropriate solution in the relevant situation. We believe we are able to provide such service and if the wishes of the client and the situation make it possible, we strive for restoration of relationships between the parties, which is very important for example in solving of disputes regarding child custody.


  • drafting of applications for divorce

  • drawing up of agreements to settle mutual property situation of rights and duties resulting from common living and spouses' duties to maintain for the period of time after divorce

  • representation in divorce proceedings

  • drafting of applications in cases of judicial custody for minors

  • drawing up of agreements to regulate contact with and situation of minors

  • representation in guardianship cases in proceedings before courts

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